Did you know that the average amount of tar in a pack of 20 cigarettes is the equivalent to half a can of beer?! Each time you light up a cigarette, tar is made as the tobacco burns making it part of the cigarette smoke.










So how is tar harmful to your health?

Thankfully, not all of the tar stays in your lungs, some of it is exhaled and some is coughed up. However it is the tar that is responsible for the unsightly yellow-brown stains on your fingers and teeth.

The tar that is absorbed in the lungs can cause cells to die and cigarette smoke paralyses the fine hairs that help to protect you against infection. When these hairs are damaged, tar goes deeper into your lungs and leaves behind dangerous amounts which can lead to conditions like emphysema and lung cancer.

The good news is that chest and lung conditions like asthma and chest infections which are worsened by smoking can improve when you quit. The sooner you stop smoking the better your chances of recovering.

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