I smoked since I was 13 years old ( I am now 42 ) with only a six month break 15 years ago and thought I’d never be able to give up. After finding out my other  half and I were expecting a baby I decided to give up smoking one  more  time. I was put in touch with Kickstart from our midwife at Macclesfield Hospital. Catriona got in touch straight away and I was put on patches and mouthspray as soon as I saw the 12 week scan.

Whilst I would never claim it has been easy it has been far easier than I envisaged thanks to your service. I am now down to the 10mg patches and have only 2 weeks more until I am nicotine free ! I am now looking forward to a longer life spending as much time as I can with my wife and soon to arrive daughter.

I can’t thank Catriona and Kickstart enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service to all mums and dads to be.


After smoking 10 cigarettes a day for over 50 years I found myself on the cardiac unit at Macclesfield hospital having had a heart attack.

Catriona came to see me on the ward to discuss trying to stop smoking.

My mind had been made up that I would try to stop even though deep down I had my reservations as I had enjoyed my cigarettes.

After going through the options available I went home with nicotine patches and gum and Catriona phoned me regularly to keep supporting me through the early days.

Twelve months on I am still smoke free and feel so much better for it. Thankyou, Mrs M.

Catriona, Secondary Care Practitioner says ‘it was great to speak to and support Freda as she was always so positive and upbeat and I am really pleased she has managed to quit smoking’.


First of all I accessed Stop Smoking Service in 2014 because it offered support in Polish which was a big help. I stopped smoking for a few months but then some health problems started to pile up on me. I got diagnosed with psychosis and knew little about it, struggled a lot with stopping smoking at that time. I came back to the clinic again nearly a year later but nothing seemed to be going right way for me then again. My advisor kept supporting me despite all of my ups and downs. NRT was always helpful but talking about the habits and reasons for my smoking were precious. So now it’s two years after my first visit in the Kickstart clinic and I’ve been quit for over 9 weeks now and I’ve not felt so good about myself for ages. I’m only taking little steps but I feel that’s the right way to do it.