I smoked since I was 13 years old ( I am now 42 ) with only a six month break 15 years ago and thought I’d never be able to give up. After finding out my other  half and I were expecting a baby I decided to give up smoking one  more  time. I was put in touch with Kickstart from our midwife at Macclesfield Hospital. Catriona got in touch straight away and I was put on patches and mouthspray as soon as I saw the 12 week scan.

Whilst I would never claim it has been easy it has been far easier than I envisaged thanks to your service. I am now down to the 10mg patches and have only 2 weeks more until I am nicotine free ! I am now looking forward to a longer life spending as much time as I can with my wife and soon to arrive daughter.

I can’t thank Catriona and Kickstart enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service to all mums and dads to be.